A couple of years ago I would never had thought I would write a blog post about football to be honest. I might have been raised in a hockey-town where people in general was into sports but I never related to it as something fun and interesting.

But since it was the world cup in football this summer. In Brazil and me and my partner happened to switch on the television when a game was on, (my partner: ”Oh such a coincidence, I wonder how that happened… O:)” ), it seemed to grew on me. And before I even knew I had made tables and had came up with a few favorite teams. Now how did this happen?

I cheered for Argentina, Greece, Portugal, Nederlands and any team that met Russia. My partner had other thoughts about the teams than me, France i.e and England. Well, they are quite nice but not up against ‘my’ teams. ‘My’ teams did better in the long run 😉 (my partner: ”*hrm* I cheer for Argentine! Not top of my list, but I do” )

But now the world cup is over and I don’t have to care about football for a while and certainly not watch it more or less every day. Woho!



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